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Parsippany L1 Visa Lawyer If you are looking to utilize an L1 visa, you need to have an experienced Parsippany New Jersey L1 visa lawyer on your side to get you through every step of the process. Getting an L1 visa can be very tricky.

You’re a busy person. Becoming an expert on visas isn’t your priority. That’s why you want someone who is an expert to help you through this process.

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What to Use an L1 Visa For

The L1 visa is used as a non-immigrant visa. It lets a company that has operations in the US, as well as locations in another country, bring employees into the US to work here.

This visa lets a worker come to your US company for up to seven years of employment. The stipulation is that they must have been employed at your foreign location of your company for at least one year out of the past three years.

L1 Visa Qualifying Information

You can utilize an L1 visa if the worker you wish to bring to the US is a skilled worker. That might be someone in a higher position, such as a manager. This visa doesn’t function the way an H1 visa does. You don’t have to have a four-year degree to apply for this visa.

The qualifications with the L1 visa is that the work provided by this foreign national needs to be beneficial to the US economy. And again, they have to have worked for the company in their home country for one out of last three years.

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