7 Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Employment Immigration Case

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Parsippany H-1 Visa Lawyer Finding the right employee can be tough. We understand how much time you put into that decision. It can be overwhelming when the right person for the job is in need of a visa, but it doesn’t have to be. Hiring Parsippany H-1 visa lawyer Paul Gilbert can be the answer you’re looking for. Your worries can go away when you hire him. Call our office right away to get started on getting the right employee for your company.

Who is the H-1 Visa For?

An H-1 visa is for an employee that is going to offer your company special experience. They have to have either a four-year college degree or equivalent experience. Three years of experience is considered one year of formal education. In some cases, you can do an evaluation that shows you have the right experience, even without a degree.

Why is the H-1 Visa Used? 

As an employer, you can use the H-1 visa to help the right employee enter the US to work for you. It is a temporary way to do this.

What Are the Qualifications?

The desired worker has to be able to live up to the expectation that they have specialized experience. That’s including the four years of higher education requirements or equivalent experience needed for their position mentioned above. Contact experienced Parsippany New Jersey H-1 Visa lawyer Paul Gilbert for more information on the required qualifications.

How Long Does the H-1 Visa Last?

The maximum amount of time an employee is allowed by US law to work for your company in this country under an H-1 Visa is three years. You can get an extension, but it can’t be longer than six years.

Evidence That Needs to Be Provided

You have to be able to show the US government that you are financially able to pay this employee. They will need to see your tax returns and bank statements, as well as your financial statements.

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