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Parsippany New Jersey Fiancé Visa Lawyer

Love knows no borders. When you want to marry someone from another country, it can pose some challenges. Our Parsippany New Jersey Fiancé Visa lawyer Paul Gilbert has helped many couples unite in the United States. Contact our office to get the help you need.

What to Know About a K-Fiancé(e) Visa

This type of visa is a non-immigrant visa that is meant for the fiancé of the US citizen. A K1 fiancé visa lets the foreign national come to the US to marry their fiancé. That US partner will act as the foreign national’s sponsor. You have to have the wedding within 90 days of the foreign national coming to the US.

The partner coming from another country needs to apply for an adjustment of status to be a permanent resident. That goes through the Department of Homeland Security and the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Because this visa can lead to the applicant becoming a permanent resident, there are some requirements.

There needs to be proof that there was contact. They just need to make sure there was a relationship and that you had an intent to marry each other. They will need to see:

  • pictures you took together;
  • the US citizen’s birth certificate;
  • any documents that terminated any previous marriages;
  • an affidavit by the petitioner that shows the progression of your relationship together; and
  • any other relevant documents that may prove that this is a relationship built on love and not just a way to get someone citizenship, including:
    • Cards, letters, emails, plane tickets, vacation receipts, phone records, money transactions, etc.

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