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Parsippany New Jersey Family-Based Immigration Lawyer

Family immigration visas are really tricky. Countless people everyday struggle through their cases, wondering what needs to get done. Don’t let yourself get lost trying to figure out how to manage your family-based immigration case. Paul Gilbert is here to be your trusted Parsippany New Jersey family-based immigration lawyer. We care about making your process easy for you.

Understanding Family-Based Immigration Visas

To get a family-based immigration visa, one of the following needs to apply to you:

  • You are an immediate relative of U.S. citizens, such as a parent, child or spouse
  • You are the adult child, married or unmarried, of a U.S. citizen
  • You are the spouse or unmarried child of a lawful permanent resident
  • You are the brother or sister of a U.S. citizen
  • You are being adopted by a U.S. citizen

We can help you start this process during a consultation.

We Help Reunite Families

Your family is important to you. You don’t want to be apart. When you are not together, it can be challenging. We understand how much you care about your family. We want to help you reunite with your family. We know how to get your family together to live in the US.

Family-based visas are tough to figure out, if you have never gone through the process before. You’d be wise to hire a lawyer to help you go through the process. For many years, Paul Gilbert has guided people just like you.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Family-Based Visa?

Timing can be different for every case we take care of. How long a case takes depends on a lot of things. You can learn more about the estimated amount of time to get your visa during a consultation. We need to learn more about you and your family to be able to give you a better idea of how long this is going to take.

There is a pretty reliable way to predict how long it will take you to get your visa. You can use the Visa Bulletin that the State Department posts monthly. It takes into account a few factors that can help you get an idea of how long you will have to wait.

Deciding to Be a US Citizen

The benefit to being a US citizen is that there is no wait to petition to bring a family member over to the US, as there would be if you were not a citizen.

If you are a legal permanent resident, you can put in a petition to bring a family member into the US. The downside to this is that you could still be waiting a bit. It may take up to three years to bring your husband or wife over to the US because that’s how long the visa can take.

Either way we can help you. We are experienced in helping both legal residents and US citizens bring family into the US. We are here to help you with everything involved. That includes getting all of you ready for your interview, as well as personalizing the process to fit your unique needs.

Contact Parsippany New Jersey Family-Based Immigration Lawyer Paul Gilbert

Don’t waste any time wondering what you should do. Paul Gilbert wants to help. When you are dealing with family immigration, having a lawyer is a great choice. Your story matters to us.

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