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Parsippany New Jersey Dream Act Lawyer

You have probably heard of the Dream Act and want to know if you are eligible. We can help you figure out if you are. We have the list of requirements here. Our Parsippany New Jersey Dream Act lawyer can also sit down and discuss the details with you. We work very hard to keep your family together. That is our priority.

Are You Eligible for Deferred Action?

To be eligible for Deferred Action, you have to fit certain qualifications. Here are the things you need to know:


You must be in the age bracket of 15-30 years old. You have to be able to prove this age with a birth certificate and a copy of your passport.

Coming Into the US

You have to have come into the US before you turned 16 years old. Proof of that comes from important documents such as medical records, school records, or military records. Contact our Parsippany New Jersey Dream Act lawyer for more information.

Rules About June 15th

To be eligible, you have to have been in the US since June 15th of 2007. You also need to have been physically in the US on the date of June 15th of 2012. That means you have to had been living in the US from 2007 to 2012 at least. Again, you can look to important documents to prove this. Call our Parsippany New Jersey Dream Act lawyer to learn what documents are required.

US Residency

You have to have lived here in the US continuously. You can’t have lived somewhere else for a long period of time. Shorter vacations do not count against you. Your passport will serve to show your travel outside of the country.

Criminal Record

You cannot be eligible for the Dream Act if you are convicted of serious crimes. That includes a felony, a serious misdemeanor, or 3 minor convictions for the same type of charge.

Education Eligibility

To qualify, you also have to have graduated from high school or received your GED. You will need to produce your diploma, transcripts, GED certificates, and report cards.


If you used to be a soldier, you have to be able to show that you were honorably discharged. Produce any and all forms and records to show that.

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