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Parsippany New Jersey Deportation Lawyer

Being deported is something no one ever wants to deal with. It’s scary. Parsippany New Jersey deportation lawyer Paul Gilbert wants to keep your family together. Please call us right away if you are afraid that you or someone you love is facing deportation.

Avoiding Removal from the US

We have represented numerous cases just like yours. We defend families who don’t want to be separated. This is a very scary reality that a lot of people deal with. It can ruin lives. Paul Gilbert is dedicated to creating a plan of defense with the aim of keeping you in this country. We listen to your story and build your case. We want to give you peace of mind.

Why You May Face Deportation

There are a few different reasons why someone might face deportation or removal. Some of those reasons include:

  • Getting US residency through fraud
  • Having a drug, assault, or DUI conviction
  • Not telling the US Citizenship and Immigration Services that you changed your status or address
  • Having an expired visa
  • Coming into the country illegally
  • Being a terrorist threat to the nation

The Department of Homeland Security will send you a Notice to Appear. You then will have to stand before a judge. Our job is to research your case and create a defense for you. We fight for your rights. We protect people from unjustified deportation.

How We Cancel Deportations and Removals

You have to stay hopeful. Deportation is scary, but we know what we’re doing. Our Parsippany New Jersey deportation lawyer Paul Gilbert is here to guide you. Our job is to prove:

  • You are a person of admirable moral character.
  • You have lived in this country without incident for 10 years or more.
  • You have lived in this country without incident for 5 years or more, if you’ve had a green card.
  • You aren’t guilty of a crime.
  • Deporting you would ruin your family’s lives.

This process is intimidating, but our job is to fight for your rights. We have the experience you need.

We Keep Families Together

Immigration can be tricky. Regardless of your status as a citizen, green card holder, or US resident, you may face something that threatens to tear your family apart. Get in touch with us so we can fight to keep you and your loved ones together, regardless of your immigration status.

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Call us right away to get a plan of action. We will fight for you like you’re one of our family members. You are important to us.

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