7 Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Employment Immigration Case

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Are you looking to be a sponsor for an employee in a different country? This process is probably new to you. It is difficult to navigate it on your own. Our Parsippany New Jersey business sponsorship lawyer Paul Gilbert can help. We take a tricky process and make it easy for you.

We Simplify the Process

Finding the right employee is hard. We know that. It is even harder to get the perfect employer who does not live in the US. Paul Gilbert helps people like you get the help you need. We want you to be able to get the right employee working for you. Call us right away and we can help begin the process.

What to Know About Business Sponsorship

Our Parsippany New Jersey business sponsorship lawyer helps people with getting the process started. We can help the employer sponsor the employee. We can also help the employee with the legality on their end of things.

Make sure you know what type of visa is appropriate for your situation. You can meet with Paul Gilbert to discuss the details and decide what is best for you.

What Are H-1 Visas For?

If your desired employee has special experience or education that would make them valuable to your company, you should look into getting the H-1 visa. That person either needs 4 years of education or equivalent experience to qualify for this visa.

What Are L-1 Visas For?

The L-1 visas are for skilled workers who will be good for the US economy. The employee doesn’t have to be college educated. They do have to have an existing and important tie to a company.

What Are E Visas For?

You can get an E visa if you are going to be coming into the US as a trader or investor. You do need to be in compliance with a treaty agreement, but it allows you to create business or manage business that already exists.

What Is an O Visa For?

You can go after an O visa if the employee is going to work in sports or entertainment. Examples are professional athletes, dancers, artists, etc.

What Are R Visas For?

An R visa is for religious employees.

What Are TN Visas For?

The TN and the H-1 visas are very similar. The people who can use a TN visa are Canadians and Mexicans who are covered under the North American Free Trade Agreement. The TN visa moves quicker than H-1 visas. You can get one at the borders.

They are not green cards or long-term visas. They last a limited amount of years.

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